Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Reason Behind Bookmarking

I am the queen of starting blogs. Keeping up with them? That's another story.

I have journaled/blogged online for years. I have had accounts at LiveJournal, Diaryland (anyone remember that site?), Wordpress, Blogger, and even my own .net throughout high school. I have had blogs about my personal life, finances, weight loss, and creative writing. I like sharing my writing, engaging in conversation, and "meeting" new people. In our technologically-saturated lives, blogs are an excellent tool to keeping friends and family in the loop about life's little happenings that deserve to be shared. I love reading blogs, and I do enjoy authoring them. I'm just not the best at following through on the latter.

So how in the heck is this blog going to be any different from my previous failed attempts?

After the month of October went by in a blur this year, I literally had to take a moment and consciously take stock of what I remember about those 31 days. And you know what I barely remember? My husband's birthday dinner. I keep a paper journal of schedules and lists, and there's a whole bunch of stuff written down for October... and only an ounce of the good stuff can be found in my memory.

My Moleskine. First week of October. All a blur.

The moral of October? I need to slow down and enjoy all the good in my life.

My life is filled with beauty, but I literally do not take the time to stop and smell the coffee (this girl isn't a fan of roses). And if I smell the coffee, I'm certainly not savoring it.

This will not be a themed blog like my past attempts. This blog will be whatever I make of it. The focus will be to highlight all that I want to highlight in life so I will have something to reflect on.

Life deserves bookmarks so one can turn back to something worth remembering.

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