Monday, July 1, 2013

Book: Trinkets

I’m gaining momentum on my to-read list. I had a few duds where I stopped reading them after starting. I used to have such guilt about not finishing books that I started. I’ve trained myself to stop reading if I am not genuinely interested in the plot. The time spent reading is too precious to waste on books you don’t enjoy.

I flew through my latest pick: Trinkets by Kirsten Smith. One could read this in a single evening. Smith’s characters - Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe - each have a different style of telling the story. On the outside, the three teens wouldn’t look like the type to become friends: Tabitha is the popular one, Moe is the punky one, Elodie is the girl-next-door one. However, their common bond of kleptomania brings them together at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. Soon after meeting, the girls “compete” to see who can steal the most expensive item they can. As time goes on, they each learn something about themselves and their lives, leading to broken families, broken relationships, but ultimately a happy ending.

As always, I borrowed this book from my local public library. I found it in the Young Adult section.

Disclaimer: Yes, I've linked to where you can learn more about Kirsten's book. No, I'm not making money off the links. 

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