Saturday, August 10, 2013

Product Review: Lifeway Kefir

I signed up for Influenster via Sara (who is launching a new website today!) back in October of 2012. She would review products she received through the program, and of course, I wanted to sign up. (Being able to try new products without wasting my hard-earned cash? Heck yeah!) It takes a few weeks to get going, but I am reviewing my second product through the program already, and it's fun!

This time around I'm reviewing Lifeway Kefir probiotic drink. I actually tried this product once before at a friend's house - and I never wanted to try it again. I tried the raspberry flavor, which isn't my favorite flavor in general. For this process, I picked up the blueberry drink. On its own it's good, but I decided to make a smoothie with it. I did one cup of the drink to one cup of frozen strawberries. I added no sugar or sweeteners. The smoothie hit the spot! And my favorite part about the kefir? One cup has 11 grams of protein.

Saturday smoothie goodness!
I'm fortunate to have no food allergies. If you do have 'em, this product is 99 percent gluten and lactose free. It only has a handful of ingredients. And who doesn't love ingesting good bacteria? Yeah, I'm a fan.

(Disclaimer: I received a free coupon to try this product. I received no financial compensation for reviewing this product.)

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