Thursday, August 15, 2013

Books: Hoop Genius and Odd Duck

Now that a new semester has started, summer just feels over to me. I know it's definitely not over in terms of the weather - we went to a cookout this past Sunday and the heat made me miserable. During the summer I did my best to get through my extensive to-read list, and I am trying really hard to manage my time better so I can continue to make progress this fall. But when I'm feeling bogged down, I like to pick up "light" reading.

"Light" reading for me is children's books!

Basketball is big in our home and in our marriage (never thought I would ever write that). I like to order nonfiction books for my library that are unique and aren't covered by other materials. Hoop Genius by John Coy is a quick read that gives kiddos a basic explanation of how basketball became basketball. Of course, Richie knew the story well before I had ever heard of this book, but I enjoyed the lesson.

Odd Duck by Cecil Castellucci is classified as a graphic novel at my library. I know I've mentioned how awesome graphic novels are, and I love seeing lots of graphic novels coming out now for the preschool/early-elementary crowds. Odd Duck is hilarity with a moral - be yourself. This is the perfect book to start a discussion on fitting in (or not).
Disclaimer: Yes, I've linked to where you can learn more about these books and authors. No, I'm not making money off the links.

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