Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello, new visitors!

If you're finding me via Arleen Spenceley's blog, it's nice to meet you. This blog is still in its infancy, but I'd love to have you stick around. Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or just say hi.

P.S. - I've known Arleen since 2004. We met while both working for a college newspaper. One of my favorite memories of Arleen was Halloween 2008 when she dressed as Dwight Schrute. I didn't appreciate the humor then because I discovered The Office just last year. I also giggle at the time my husband ran up to her car, banged on the window, and just about scared the you-know-what out of her. She's an excellent gal.


  1. How did I not know about this blog? Yes, I am laying the guilt trip on you. ;-)

  2. LOL! Sorry for the late response, but oh my goodness, the memories.