Friday, January 4, 2013

My Desk at Work

Where the librarian magic happens...
This was my desk yesterday morning. I am a youth librarian. I absolutely adore my job. I get to color and glue stuff, read children's books, and generally be a big kid. I also love working with adults - helping them to use a computer, finding books, or demonstrating how to use a microfiche reader (yep, we still use 'em) to search newspaper archives. Being a librarian is just plain fun.

I don't like chaos. However, I like to think that the chaos above is evidence of my love for my job. This chaos doesn't bother me. I can't leave dishes in my sink, there is no way clean laundry lingers in a basket, and we vacuum our apartment every day (that's cat parenting for you). But a messy desk at work? No problem. It means I'm in the zone.

For the record, I have my desk spotless by the time I leave for the day. I also straighten up periodically throughout the day. The above example was taken during an extreme moment of chaos: creating storytime crafts and catching up on work after the holidays. It was also a slow morning, for which I was ever so thankful to take advantage of.

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