Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinterest Success: 8 Can Taco Soup

For someone who doesn't like to cook, I love to pin recipes on Pinterest. I have it in my mind to make one Pinterest recipe every week. (In reality, Richie will do most of the making - the man is skilled in the kitchen.) When I found this recipe several weeks ago, I had it on my mind to make weekend after weekend. We finally decided to put it on the menu yesterday evening.

8 Can Taco Soup

I thought about taking a picture of our final creation, but I devored a bowl in no time. The soup is amazing. I'm sure recipes like this have been circulating around since the dawn of canned goods, but it was new to us. And you know what else I like? It yields amazing leftovers. I have three containers in the refrigerator for lunches this week.

Do you have a favorite, easy, go-to recipe that this kitchen-skills-deficient gal should try?


  1. My dad's chili is the bomb. Just brown your meat and throw that, some beer, and spices in a crockpot for low and let simmer for as long as possible (I usually do 2-3 hours). The only tricky part is getting the right ratio of spices. Everything is "to taste." And this is the kind of recipe you should make if you're planning on staying home most of the day, since you need to stir it often or else it will burn. But it's my go-to cheapie recipe and it's really good. I can email it to you if you want!

    1. Yes, please e-mail it to me! Thanks!