Friday, April 12, 2013

Make A Child Smile

This is the final post about our vacation. About time, right?

There was one night where we were back at our hotel room by 7:30. We weren't tired, but we also didn't want to drive to get anywhere. There was an arcade within walking distance of the hotel, so we hoofed it. We wasted a good hour blowing through $20 worth of game tokens and playing games we remembered from our childhoods. Once our token bucket was empty, we got a count of all the tickets we earned from playing games and peeked at the selection of prizes.

Source: Lisa Padilla
For future reference if we procreate: Avoid arcades like the plague. The prizes aren't worth it.

However, here's what made the entire experience worth our time.

We had roughly 750 tickets that could be redeemed. We knew we weren't going to use them, so we gifted them to this adorable little boy and his father who had waited so patiently earlier in the night while Richie finished some game. We approached them, handed the young man our tickets, and explained to dad that we weren't going to use them and that we thought his son could benefit. The appreciative expression on dad's face was awesome, and then the little man spoke up.

"Thank you! I'm going to get something then go play laser tag! Thank you!"

We left pondering what the boy would choose. I hope he had a blast playing laser tag, too.


  1. This is awesome! For my boyfriend's 31st birthday we recently went to an arcade also. It was out in the country and most of the games only costs $0.25, so $20 between us lasted like 3-4 hours. When we were done we gave our tickets to three boys at the ticket counter with their Dad. We were like "do you guys want an extra 732 tickets?!" and the smallest one (probably about 3) cheered! Worth the $20 even if we had played 0 of the games.

    1. Yes! I'm so happy other people do this. :)