Monday, April 8, 2013

Vacation Recap: Driving

One of our favorite places to vacation is Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in Tennessee. Yes, both areas are touristy... but we love it! There's always a shop to pop into, a scenic route to drive, and plenty of people watching to partake in. And neither of us like the beach (blasphemous as native Floridians!), so vacations in the mountains are right up our alley.

We don't take the main roads to get to Pigeon Forge. We did that once, then discovered the back way and realized it is a much nicer experience. Also, I avoid driving on interstates as much as possible, so finding back roads ensures that Richie gets a break from being behind the wheel. Plus, back roads are always more scenic.

And no traffic is a nice bonus.
Southeastern Tennessee.
When you're in Pigeon Forge and heading to Gatlinburg, there really is only one way to get there. However, it's incredibly easy and beautiful. Depending on the time of day, you'll sit through a considerable amount of traffic. The wait is worth the reward. The main strip of Gatlinburg is fun to explore.

Hello, Gatlinburg!
If you look really closely at the mountain top, there's snow!
If you're driving on US 411 in Tennessee, you'll pass through a small town named Delano. If you blink while driving through, you'll miss it. I didn't take pictures of the drive here because I was driving. It is an absolutely beautiful area! There is also a Mennonite community in Delano that has a fantastic farmer's market. We didn't stop this year, but last year I bought some of the best strawberry jam I have ever consumed from the market. If you ever drive through, there will be signs for the Delano Community Farm Market. It's worth a stop.

Up next? A visit to our favorite theme park.

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