Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brussels Sprouts

I discovered College Prep sometime last summer when doing a search for study tips right before I started work on my Master's degree. Little did I know that I would become a fan of Carly's blog. I appreciate her blog because of the professional and academic advice that she provides. Plus, the gal is from Tampa and I used to live there. Clearly, she has to have something awesome about her.

I follow Carly on Twitter and responded to a tweet a few weeks ago about my fear of Brussels sprouts. I could never stand the little buggers when I was younger, and that distaste continued into adulthood. However, I accepted her challenge (which I really gave myself) of giving them a shot.

The sprouts from Brussels!
They weren't as scary as I remember. I followed this recipe (LOVE the collection of recipes there) to prepared the sprouts. I did jazz them up a bit with a parmesan seasoning and that helped some, too. Richie loved them, but he'll eat just about anything. Next time, I'd like to get them a little browner on the outside.

This was an excellent baby step to reintroducing myself to things I didn't like to eat as a child. I still can't eat plain, cooked spinach (unless it's on a pizza, which negates any nutritional value from the cooked spinach whatsoever). Or cottage cheese. Or grits. Or cream of wheat. I could keep going.

What foods do you dislike?


  1. I hate Jello. And even though you don't eat this for, like, a meal, those Clif gels you take while working out for energy. They handed them out during the half and they were GROSS. Texture like melted plastic. :-/

    1. I didn't know you didn't like Jello. And I've never seen Clif gels - good to know to avoid them.

      I also can't stand Red Bull.