Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Find Your Calling

Recent awesome happenings at work:

- A developmentally disabled young man who is a regular attendee to my afternoon storytime sessions brought in valentines for every child who attended a storytime before Valentine's Day. Even if he didn’t know them, he gave them a valentine. Can I tell you how fast my heart melted?

- My last lapsit storytime session happened to land on a little man’s birthday. He turned three that day. I asked him if he wanted the group to sing “Happy Birthday” to him, and he replied eagerly with, “Yes, please!” Much dancing and giggling ensued.

- I helped a 6-year-old find books on China recently for a school report. A week later, he brought his report to the library to share with me and walked me through each assignment included.

My prayer for each and every person who reads this is that you are doing work that fulfills you. I feel incredibly blessed to have fallen in love with my work and earn an income from it. Find your calling. Life's too short to waste time being miserable in your day job.

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