Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When Pigs Fly, Miracles Happen

A young lady named Danielle* came up to me one afternoon while I was working the circulation desk to see if I could print out different coloring sheets for my coloring table. She wasn't too jazzed about the winter-themed pages that were currently stocked in the coloring basket, and many of my regular children know that I will print out whatever they want if they ask nicely. I had never talked to Danielle before, so I was impressed with her forwardness to ask me for something different.

However, she didn't give me something specific to work with. After a few questions and ideas, she told me she liked pigs and flowers. I told her I could make that happen and said I would bring her the coloring pages once I printed them out. She thanked me and returned to the coloring table.

I found this page of pigs, along with a few other pages I thought would be fun. I printed up a batch and hand-delivered them to Danielle, who was looking through a picture book. I sat down the page of pigs and asked her if she liked it, and I'm telling you, you could feel the happiness radiating off of her.

Danielle then shared her story with me. As she told me her story, I got goosebumps from her optimism and zeal.

Danielle is around 18 years old and confined in a wheelchair. She was in a car accident that she shouldn't have survived. Her doctors told her mother that she would most likely not recover her basic capabilities. Her mother's response? "When pigs fly, miracles happens." Danielle was tickled by the coloring page because it looked like flying pigs. She told me that ever since she was released from the hospital, she sees pigs all the time. And what were the odds I would find her a coloring page with pigs that look like they were flying?

Danielle has recovered most of her speech capabilities. She has good function of her arms. And she was able to tell me her story, give me a hug, and ask her caretaker to bring her to the library more often. Danielle is a miracle. After she shared her story with me, I walked away changed. Because it's not every day you meet a miracle.

*Name has been changed.


  1. Now THAT is a story! I am definitely a believer of miracles.

  2. ^^Amen^^

    Not gonna lie, I got choked up a little bit!

    1. One of the hardest thing I've had to learn is how to control my emotions at work. People share so much, good and bad, and sometimes I just want to cry.