Saturday, March 2, 2013

Performance Review

Scene: I’m sitting at my desk in the youth area and suddenly got very cold. I realized one of the entryway doors was left open, thus a draft from the main entrance was coming in. I shut the door and walked back into our workroom to get something to drink and attempt to warm up. My boss and one of my coworkers are in the workroom.

Me: “I’m freezing! Is anyone else cold?”

Coworker: “I am.”

Boss: “Come into my office. It’s warm in there.”

I take my boss’s suggestion and follow her back to her office. I believe her, because she doesn’t have her sweater on. And it is noticeably warmer in there when I cross the threshold.

Boss: “Take a seat and shut the door. We’ll do your performance review while you’re here.”

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Thirty minutes later, I emerged with a good review and warmed hands.