Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Devoted Cats

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.
- Jean Cocteau

It sounds ridiculous but I adore my kitties. We adopted them when they were two months old, and they will celebrate their 7th birthday later this year. They are our babies. But you've gathered this, haven't you?

One of the most beautiful things about my kitties is their devotion. I know cats are seen more as finicky animals versus devoted animals, but I beg to differ. Cats are devoted to their owners. It's strangers that cats are often finicky of. When my mom was visiting us in December, she fell seriously ill. When she wasn't in the hospital, she was camped out in bed or on our living room couch. There was always one kitty next to her to provide warmth, love, and some furry cuteness.

Dr. Humphrey
In the past few days, I came down with a vicious cold. It has been years since I have been sick. I went to work Monday morning and only lasted for one hour before coming home. Once home, I immediately crawled into bed and slept for three hours. You better believe I had company during my nap. And when I moved my sick self from the bed to the living room couch, my tiger kitty was right there with me (see above).

I can't vouch for anyone else's cats, but I feel like we hit the kitty jackpot. We're blessed to have devoted, sweet, loving furbabies who make our little apartment a home.

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