Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movie: Craigslist Joe

I have a thing for travel/wanderlust movies because while I get the wanderlust bug, I generally err on the side of stability and lack of movement. I indulge a lot in travel documentaries. One thing a sick day affords a person is the ability to get your money's worth out of our Netflix subscription. I spent part of my couch time watching Craigslist Joe.

I love the traveling that Joe Garner did... but I loved his intentions even more. Joe set out to survive for 31 days through Craigslist. Crazy, right? He learned how generous strangers could be and called the experience the most inspiring thing he has ever experienced. If you watch it, you can't tell me your faith in humanity isn't restored just a little bit.

Craigslist Joe, if you ever read this and plan to wander ever again, you've got a couch to crash on in our neck of the woods. My husband is a fantastic cook, and I like good conversation.

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