Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reading Out Loud

My library hosts a reading therapy dog who children sign up to read to. It’s a really great program for boosting reading confidence and skills in children. Our volunteer called out sick this week, and I rushed to call parents to notify them. I was hoping to catch many parents before leaving to come to the library, but alas, I did not.

A first grader who was signed up for her very first time to read to the dog came in, and I was able to get her signed up for a future session. Mom was very understanding, and then asked me if I would allow her daughter to read to me.

I couldn’t say no.

This little lady read a Keiko Kasza book to me, and she did a wonderful job! It is so rare for me to listen to a child read out loud to me. I love reading to groups of children, but it was such an awesome experience to have a child read to me. Afterwards, Mom said that she is hoping her daughter’s confidence in reading will improve by reading out loud more. I hope her reading experience was as enriching for her as it was to me.

Take the time to listen to a child read. It will mean the whole world to them, and I’m pretty sure it could mean the whole world to you.

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